Lingan Logo for 2020 Senior League Green

Lingan Golf Club

Senior Division

Wednesday Senior Men's Day

  • Any league or tournament play is restricted because of the provincial lock-down.  We will be accepting registrations for Senior's to ensure we are ready to proceed once the lock-down is lifted. 

  • Play will begin each Wednesday at 7 am and run until 1 pm.

  • Tee times and groups will be the same time and groups through the year.  Players may swap their times and groups amongst themselves.  The Golf Shop will not be available to look for changes.

  • Space is limited and members who played last year will be given preference over new players.

  • Players are asked to identify potential playing partners when they register.  Players may register as a single, twosome, threesome, or foursome.  Groups without 4 players will have other players added to make up the foursome. Please remember to let playing partners know you are including them in a group.  The Golf Shop will not be chasing down players who have been included in multiple groups.

  • Players are asked to provide 3 times for the tee time lottery.  These times must be at least 60 minutes apart.  The Golf Shop will attempt to assign times for each group as close to those times as possible.  

  • Times will be booked each week by the Golf Shop.  Players will not have to reserve these times.  Players will be responsible to let the Golf Shop know if they cannot make their time at least 2 hours prior to that time.  Failure to do so will result in a warning or suspension in accordance with the Club's Cancelation Policy.

  • The registration fee will be $90 tax included and cover the entire year including the Senior's Final in September.  The registration fee must be paid before tee times are assigned.

  • The weekly format and prizes will be decided once the lock-down has been lifted.  Any play prior to this will be non-competitive without prizes.