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Repairing Pitch Marks

The true measure of a golf course is its greens. You might have great vistas or tremendous routing but if your greens are bad its all anyone will remember.

Turf Care crews spends countless hours each week manicuring the greens to perfection. It’s only right that members and guests of the golf club should do their small part to assist with maintaining the putting surfaces by repairing pitch marks.

It is estimated that each golfer will make an average of 8 pitch (divot) marks in the greens during a round. Averaging about 220 rounds per daily means that we create over 1700 marks per day, over 52, 000 per month and 316, 800 per golf season.

A pitch mark that is properly repaired within 10 minutes can be fully recovered within three days while a pitch mark that is ignored or improperly repaired will take up to 3 weeks to heal.

So remember the rule of thumb to repair your pitch mark and at least one other on every green.

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